Them Dirty Roses



Born and raised in the Bama clay, these boys are as authentic as they come. Taught how to bend a
string and break a heart by Skynyrd and Hank, brothers James and Frank Ford along with their
hometown friends Andrew Davis and Ben Crain formed the southern rock band known as Them Dirty
Roses. Piling into an RV with their belongings and instruments they made their way from Gadsden, AL
to Nashville, TN. All living all under one roof, Them Dirty Roses are a living example of the
quintessential rock and roll American Dream.
If you've had the pleasure of experiencing a Them Dirty Roses live show, then you know firsthand just
how impressive and energetic they can be. These Southern rockers know how to bring the heat, and
their high-energy performances are a testament to their talent and passion for music. One of the
standout qualities of a Them Dirty Roses live performance is their ability to engage with the
audience. From the moment they take the stage, lead vocalist and guitarist James Ford commands
the attention of the crowd with his powerful voice and infectious stage presence. The band's dynamic
stage presence and interaction with the audience keeps the energy high throughout the entire show.
In addition to their stage presence, Them Dirty Roses also impress with their musical prowess. Each
member of the band is a seasoned musician and it shows in their performances. The band's classic
rock, blues, and southern rock influences are on full display in their live shows, and their tight
musicianship is a testament to the hours they've spent honing their craft.
Them Dirty Roses have a dedicated fan base and have garnered a reputation as a rising force in the
Southern Rock scene. With their catchy riffs, powerful vocals, and energetic live shows, they are sure
to continue making a mark in the world of Rock music for years to come.


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