Wyatt Flores



Wyatt Flores is a Mexican-American troubadour born in Oklahoma who uses his music to carry old memories, dreams of a better future and the ghosts of loved ones. He sings from the gut, telling stories that revolve around life, death, addiction, pain, and joy through his gritty country soundtrack. He believes in being present and cherishing every moment of life. Though death is always around, he chooses to befriend it. Growing up in Stillwater, OK, surrounded by music, Wyatt was influenced by his family and artists like Tyler Childers, Turnpike Troubadours, and Jason Isbell, which helped him develop his style. He attributes his resilience to Oklahoma's history. During COVID, he left OSU and spent his time working on a ranch and writing songs. At the age of 19, his debut album "Travelin’ Kid" gained traction, followed by the popular song "Please Don’t Go," which went viral, leading to the release of his EP, "The Hutson Sessions." He then released "Break My Bones" and "Ain’t Proud," both of which amassed millions of streams. It wasn't long before he signed a deal with Island Records. Wyatt's music is a reflection of his growth and evolution. "Life Lessons," the title track, symbolizes his non-conformist approach to life, while other songs like "3/13" detail personal lows and the lessons he learned from them. His music calls on his fans to live fully, embodying his journey and learning.


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