Nate Kenyon



Nate Kenyon is a musician and songwriter who was born and raised in Baxley, Georgia. Growing up, he listened to a range of artists including Eminem, Underoath, and Aerosmith. Although he was introduced to country music later in life, he was particularly inspired by modern-day country legends like Luke Brian and Lee Brice. These artists have influenced his music and helped shape his unique sound that blends his early musical influences with his deep-seated country roots. Despite his diverse range of musical influences, Nate's music cannot be confined to a single genre. His music combines country elements with other genres, resulting in a refreshing sound that defies genre boundaries. In 2019, Nate signed with Anthem Entertainment, and since then, he has become increasingly popular in the industry. He has contributed to songs for various artists, including Lee Brice, LoCash, and Chris Young, among others.


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