Undoubtedly poised for country music stardom, LAKEVIEW emerges as the next big sensation from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy, initially brought together by a shared job and love for country music, solidified their bond amidst unforeseen circumstances involving an ex-partner, leading them to take the bold step of becoming roommates.

Their decision proved fruitful as countless nights were spent crafting songs infused with relatable narratives and infectious hooks. These sessions not only honed their songwriting skills but also forged a distinct sound blending elements of country, soul, and rock 'n' roll. Yet, it's their relentless "work hard, play hard" ethos that underpins their journey.

In 2019, the duo made the pivotal move to Nashville, driven by a relentless pursuit of musical excellence. With two singles already making waves from an upcoming EP and a signing with Photo Finish Records, LAKEVIEW is rapidly ascending the ranks of country music.

Their debut single, "Poor Me," resonates deeply with fans, amassing nearly 200 thousand views on YouTube, while their latest release, "Eyes Closed," delves into themes of heartbreak with a soul-stirring melody that promises to captivate a wider audience.

Denaro expressed excitement about "Eyes Closed," highlighting its portrayal of a new dimension to LAKEVIEW's artistry. With more music slated for release in 2020, LAKEVIEW is poised to leave an indelible mark on the country music landscape.

In a recent interview with Country Now, LAKEVIEW delves into their journey, musical influences, and what lies ahead. Read on to uncover more about the dynamic duo behind LAKEVIEW.


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