Joe Hermes



Joe Hermes, one of the hottest new acts in the Rock Country scene, is a bonafide ‘battle-tested’ entertainer. Dedicated to his pursuit and driven by his commitment to his faith, family and belief in working for the American Dream, the Illinois native beams with a pride he stands behind. 

The good-hearted, fun-loving former defensive lineman packs a big punch with edgy vocal textures and hard-hitting musical storylines (both intimate and boldly straight-up) that sift between the angel and devil as a stand-out signature. His raucous sound and high-energy stage performances (self-described as “gunpowder country”) originate from his earliest influences (Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, Pantera and Bon Jovi). Hermes strings together intense, soulful vocals, with raw, honest lyrics and his “Heart of Illinois” roots sound to rev a captivating listening experience.


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