Colin Stough



Colin Stough, a horse-loving, motorcycle-riding 19-year-old from Gattman, Mississippi has lived through a lot in his relatively short life. And, every ounce of heartbreak can be heard in his gravelly yet commanding rock-leaning vocal.

Dubbed “the Brad Pitt of country music” by Katy Perry — the southern-rock, country artist is releasing his single, “I Still Talk to Jesus.” The bluesy, rock ballad, written by Francisco Martin and Hank Compton, is about loneliness, loss and addiction, themes Colin is all too familiar with.

It is a song about feeling so emotionally alone it's hard not to question “why” yet also feeling a semblance of hope — that you're not truly alone. Tender yet gritty, Colin's striking vocal performance emotes the perfect blend of “I've been there too” and “to anyone out there feeling this way, you are not alone.”


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