Cody Johnson



Cody Johnson, a rising star in country music, has recently launched a bold and ambitious project with his 18-track double album, "Human." Renowned for his authentic and traditional country sound, Johnson deliberately chose songs that were initially deemed "too country" for other Nashville artists, embracing the roots of the genre. The album, a follow-up to his successful "Ain't Nothin' to It," explores a range of themes, reflecting Johnson's personal journey and experiences. The title track, "Human," signifies a more vulnerable and introspective side of Johnson, addressing personal challenges, marriage, and the struggle to balance the public with private struggles. The album includes a mix of new compositions and covers, showcasing influences ranging from bluegrass to rock. With a deliberate sequencing reminiscent of a live setlist, Johnson aims to provide listeners with an immersive experience that mirrors his electrifying live shows. "Human" captures the essence of Cody Johnson's authenticity, marking a significant milestone in his career as he embraces his true self and shares it with his dedicated fanbase, known as CoJo Nation.


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